White as a strategy for a well decorated and refined house!


Timeless and Versatile! These will be the words that best characterize White in interior decoration!

White due to its neutrality combines with stronger or lighter colors, with different patterns, designs and styles.

It is coated with character, versatility, and adaptation because it can be a totally neutral canvas when it comes to thinking about decorating a home, which can have a more contemporary and current style as a more classic or traditional style.


There are also those who opt for a completely white house to create the necessary light and spaciousness or combine it with wooden details that also make the space very interesting and current.

Everything will depend on the taste and individuality of each one and the place where you will intervene. Yes from where you will intervene!

If your house is smaller and with smaller areas, white will work perfectly well in your environment due to the function it will perform: in addition to harmony and smoothness, it will also give you the feeling of spaciousness.

White is, therefore, the sum of all colors and synonymous with comfort and warmth, harmony and a lot of neutrality.

Different ways to use white in decoration

Dare when choosing a floor

This is an excellent option for anyone who has a blank canvas. Using a floor with geometric shapes, floral patterns, or simply the mixture of both is exceptional!

It creates an exception element in the environment, especially if the decoration is all white or with more neutral and pastel colors.

Hydraulic mosaics or the most glazed and delicate tiles work perfectly in this context. In particular, we love the Portuguese National Ceramics, which has excellent examples of both tiles and hydraulic mosaics. A real charm and with a lot of quality!

Use brightness and golden accents

Pleasant fabrics to touch and sophisticated coatings appear as a perfect combination with white. Take, for example, luxury homes by the sea in Miami for example.

The decoration is often based on this combination of whites and golds to give the feeling of lightness but the same refinement and an extremely luxurious environment. Gold color serves to break the whiteness and to highlight furniture and accessories. Pure luxury!

Patterns or prints

When choosing the adornments and decoration of your home, opt for geometric, floral, rich or ball patterns. Everything is possible as long as the space is combined and does not lose identity and harmony as a whole.

A good choice is to buy patterned pillows, a more vivid or textured cut lamp, or simply a different rug with a mix of colors or patterns, or simply a natural fiber rug that gives a more rustic and chic touch to the base white.

With a central spot of color or highlight

In this style bet on an all white base and highlight only one of the walls of your space with a beautiful wallpaper with flowers. Paint the wall a stronger color that stands out in the decoration (it can be yellow, green or blue, if it is bolder) or opt for lighter but striking colors like olive green or ocher.

If you prefer you can glue tiles with geometry or use a more classic or traditional pattern. Use works of art and a lime green armchair. They will add color to the living room, breaking the sobriety of the walls, the white moldings and the light floor.

An easy, simple option that will make a difference and give the necessary emphasis to the environment!

Striking textures

Large glass windows, a marble coffee table, acrylic armchairs, crystal lights punctuate and highlight the style and decor in off-white and beige tones.

In addition, they bring natural light to the project and take the opportunity to highlight the brightness of the chosen pieces.

This summer also brings us to glamor, elegance and the importance that textures and decorative choices have in a space.

With a more retro and chic style

Here is a fashion that caught on and is here to stay. The use of retro or vintage elements in the decoration of contemporary houses.

A good example of this are the white, clean, metro type tiles, with straighter and straight lines that look especially good in kitchens or bathrooms.

This is an excellent option that never lets us down: whether you choose a neutral and all white environment or if you want to use for example black accents like lamps, taps that refer us to a more industrial, but chic style.

With the Nordic class

We love everything Nordic: the woods, the lamps, the simple and straight lines, Everything just everything!

In this style replace the completely white walls with textures: peeled and painted bricks, preserving details of the old layout, use an impacting sofa but with simple and minimalist lines and use a light solid wood table with simple notes.

Match with the beautiful Nordic chairs with the seat covered with leather or fabric. Combining the sweetness of light pink with rustic aesthetics can be an unusual strategy that can work very well.

Boho Chic Style

When you have a beautiful view of the blue sea, nothing is more natural than to appreciate this privilege. White walls and bespoke joinery appear in shades of off-white framing the landscape.

Colored pillows and a board with some color can be the necessary strategies for a perfect decoration. The shades of blue to match the sea are the perfect tip for the space to work. We would opt for lighter blue tones so as not to demarcate the environment so much and give the necessary harmony.

However, you can use decorative notes in a more accentuated blue.

As a Minimalist Proposal

Want to adopt full white, but miss color? Bet on a mix of pictures or photographs on the walls with different sizes. Potted plants always add some naturalness and sobriety to the space.

Do not overfill the environment and when choosing the pieces of furniture always opt for simpler pieces, minimalist, with character but that mix in the decoration and do not stand out in relation to it.

Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!