Vintage Decoration is in Vogue! Know the Main Reasons.


Much has been said about Vintage Decoration, Retro Trends and how they have become an attraction for lovers of decoration and interior design. But what is Vintage Decoration all about?

Discover below the tips that OPIO CONCEPT has to give you on this matter.

5 Main Reasons

Vintage # Old

The main difference lies in the years of existence. The same old must be at least 100 years old, while a vintage item must be at least 20 years old. The latter are usually associated with the 20s and 30s with their peak between the 50s and 70s.


The pieces of furniture considered to be vintage are usually made by hand and, therefore, still preserve their character, quality and are usually well maintained. As they are in fashion these pieces can reach prices considered exorbitant but if you do a search with second hand stores, they will surely find items at excellent prices and quality.

In London, in the famous street markets and countless second-hand stores, you can find a panoply of pieces that will delight the lovers of retro pieces.

A good vintage decoration is mainly about enhancing the authenticity of the pieces and simplifying the rest of the decoration. It is about finding unique pieces that make the space a different place and style. Therefore, filling the spaces too much, with various furniture or decorative pieces, will certainly contradict a style that is intended to be its own and with identity.

Recover and Restore

This is one of the secrets of good vintage decor: restoring furniture!

How many of us look at that piece in our grandparents’ house, which nobody appreciates, and think: restored it would be perfect! It certainly lost its value due to the natural wear and tear of time and use, but it becomes perfect, and after being recovered and properly treated, to give a new meaning to the space.

You can also go to your favorite second hand store and choose the piece you love so much and buy it at a low price to then restore it to your liking. Who knows, maybe he will discover a new hobby (We love restorations! Later on we will show some pieces we restored).

Less is More

The vintage decorating process can be a gradual one. Putting a lamp here, a rug there, cushions and even vases, made of cement or metallized, help make the space appealing, retro and without excessive spending.

Do not overfill the spaces, do not create too much visual noise, opt for impacting pieces, well selected and combined and give an alternative harmony to your space.

Use warm, neutral and pastel colors

Colors are fundamental in the composition of environments, dictate styles and influence our senses. In the retro environment all this becomes even more evident, as the accentuated nuances further sharpen our memories and emotions.

Use and abuse neutral colors and pastel colors like green, pink, yellow, earth and orange.

These are colors that match all styles of decor, but fundamentally with vintage. From the sofa to the curtains, through the rugs, pillows and armchairs, bet on these colors without any fear. These colors can and should also be used in retro tiles (often with patterns), wallpapers, paints and furniture.

In the latter, one should take risks in warmer colors such as yellow or red or more delicate colors such as light blue, old pink, gold, olive green or white.

In the smallest decorative elements, you can bet on stronger and punctuated colors, which will enhance and give life to the space.

Bet on the walls

The walls are undoubtedly an element of great importance when decorating a house.

In vintage decoration this importance is even more accentuated, as we use this element, not only as a decorative complement, but as an integral and main element of its decoration.

On the walls everything is allowed, from the use of bold wallpapers, through the most ornate tiles with strong and striking character, or through the paints usually in pastel colors like green, pink, yellow, salmon or earth.

Ornaments such as mirrors worked in shades of white, gold or silver, frames, art deco frames or lamps are the delight of their users.

However, never forget: less is more and although you can and should use striking ornaments with great personality, do not abuse it in its application.


Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!