Sofa the Ex-Libris in the House! Types and Characteristics!


Considered the star of a room, the sofa is the piece that cannot be missing in any home. It is the highlight element, mainly for its characteristics of comfort, relaxation and rest.

Who never wanted to come home and be able to relax on a comfortable sofa? It is undoubtedly the hallmark of any home. Of bourgeois invention, it is said that it had its origin with the Arab rulers, marking its presence in the Middle East.

It became popular at the time of industrialization, where it stopped serving only the homes of the wealthiest lords and figured in the homes of the middle and lower class population.


Its shapes, sizes and materials have been explored since then, complementing the decor and providing moments of relaxation for those who are willing to experience such comfort. The only essential feature of this furniture:

regardless of the model, the sofa must always be an element of referring us to comfort.

Here are some examples of sofas that will make a difference in your home and family.

Types of sofas

Traditional Sofas

Usually available in 2 or 3 seat options, this model is the most sought after when decorating rooms of varying sizes. Its depth usually varies between 0.95 to 1.00 m and can be found in different sizes or made entirely to the space.

These sofas are traditionally used with the combination of two pieces, today the trend is to mix the sofa with differently designed armchairs. As for the size, it must be proportional to the available space, not overloading the environment.

Reclining sofas

One of its main characteristics is to have a greater depth than the traditional sofas. This sofa is usually associated with TV or Home Cinema rooms, due to the comfort it provides to its user.

It is also a good option for rooms with little space available, as it can be kept in the traditional position, with its expandable part hidden, and be “open” when watching a movie, for example.

Corner or L-shaped sofas

This model is basically two sofas together and joined by a seat or support. The corner sofa is a great solution for those who want to optimize circulation or for those who want to share spaces. Ideal model for social rooms and family gatherings, whose significant size comfortably accommodates several people at the same time.

Sofas with Chaise-Away

This sofa differs from the L-shaped sofa in that it does not have a backrest in the chaise area. It has a seat with greater depth at one of its ends.

This sofa is recommended in spaces that are characterized by comfort, as it will provide greater comfort to its user.

It should also be noted that this model, as it has a large and fixed extension, should be used in spaces with larger dimensions and amplitude so as not to disturb normal circulation.

Sofa Bed

For those who do not have an extra room and are looking for a place to put visitors at bedtime, this is the ideal solution. It is usually the same as a traditional sofa, what sets it apart is having an internal bed that is only assembled and used when necessary.

When you look at it, it is a normal sofa, which seats several people, but when necessary it becomes a single or double house, depending on its dimensions or characteristics.

Round sofa

Sofa with unusual shape, is not very common, but it beautifies any space or environment. Recommended for larger environments, its unique shape ensures greater unity and coziness between people.

This type of sofa is usually used in spaces such as night bars, closet (where it is placed in the center of the space) or even in a living room with abundant areas, whose use does not hinder the circulation.

Most used fabrics

Now that you know the most commonly found formats, how about learning about the different fabrics used to make this piece of furniture?


One of the most expensive and noble materials, but one of the most sought after. Leather is also the most classic and striking.

This material gives refinement to any environment, composing a more sober and refined decoration. Its maintenance is important, as it is necessary to hydrate it punctually.

Contact with piercing objects should be avoided so that it does not easily spoil. It should be noted that this is a hot material, so it is not recommended for countries or very hot and tropical areas.

Synthetic leather

This is a much more affordable solution for your sofa, however, and due to its characteristics it does not have the same strength and quality as the original leather. It is easy to maintain and clean, and looks similar to the original leather.

It is waterproof and when choosing this type of material choose a solution with higher quality, because its durability will be longer. Cheaper materials tend to be of low quality.


Extremely comfortable fabric with a ribbed texture. Due to creases as a main feature, it is not recommended for allergic people. It is not easy to maintain and always needs a vacuum cleaner to get rid of accumulated dust.


It has a lower cost than the previous one, in addition to easier cleaning. In this type of fabric there is the possibility of waterproofing, ensuring longer durability. The options of colors and textures are numerous, being the most used material in the manufacture of sofas today.


Fabric that has been used a lot for the manufacture of sofas and has a weave similar to jeans. Nowadays it is used in the manufacture of covers for sofas, guaranteeing a longer useful life to the furniture, especially if it is made of a more delicate material and easy to get dirty.


With classic modeling, this fabric is often found in environments with a more refined and refined decoration, mainly due to the relief and texture of the fabric. It has great durability, is easy to clean due to its closed weave and is an excellent option for those who want to add glamor to the space.


The most noble and exquisite of all sofas! This sofa that refers us to a more classic style makes the delights of the most diverse interior decoration professionals today.

It is characterized by being a noble, refined fabric but that fits perfectly in a more current and contemporary style. Of our favorites!

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