Feng Shui and the importance of the main door in decoration!


When we talk about Feng Shui we talk a lot about the main door and the care we must take with it.

In Feng Shui we compare the door to the “mouth” of the house. It is through it that we feed and communicate. Two essential functions for a balanced life. It is through the entrance door that the house receives energy, be it good or bad.

In this way, with good energy coming in, the residents of the house will have a pleasant, healthy and positive energy to better enjoy the good things in life. A light, fluid and favorable environment is created.


The front door is also responsible for framing our first vision when we enter the house. It works a little like the first impression we have of home. This affects the mood and attitude of how we started the day and how we feel when we get home.

But, let’s evaluate it a little more deeply and see how the front door really affects the energy flow of your home.

Door and Feng Shui


The size of the front door must be proportional to the house. It does not seem reasonable to me to have a small door to a very large house or a large door to a small house.

The doors represent the professional part of the residents, so it is interesting that it makes a good impression and is of an appropriate size.

The opening of the door must be wide and total so that the energy enters your home completely. If not, there may be problems associated with prosperity and career. This happens when the door is very small in relation to the size of the house.

The front door must also be bigger and more imposing than the others. When we do not give due importance to the entrance door, relational, career problems and emotional imbalances can happen.


The color of your entrance door should be as inviting as possible and it should stand out.

You can use the colors of your front door to enhance areas such as Spirituality, Work or Friends. The colors that further enhance these areas are Blue, Black and Gray.


Most doors are made of metal, wood or glass. But regardless of the material, the most important thing is that the door reflects your taste.

Even if the chosen material aims to balance the five elements of this area, still, do not sacrifice your personal preferences just to balance the environment.

An important point: in addition to corresponding to your personal taste, the door should make you feel safe and protected inside the house, after all that is what it exists for.

Either way, whatever the material you choose, make sure that the door is aesthetically attractive and makes you feel safe.

However, it should be noted that glass doors are the least indicated due to the lack of security. So avoid them mainly at the main door


It is very important that the door receives proper maintenance because it is the first contact we have with home. The door is the link between the outside and the inside.

Failure to maintain the main door can consume all of a person’s energy. So a poorly maintained door can take away all the positive energy that exists within you the moment you enter the home.

It is likely that when you enter, your problems will all come to your head and this will influence your mood, your relationships with your family members and your physical and psychological well-being.

The doors in general are directly related to diseases, so always ensure a good state of conservation and functioning.


The front door must be easily located by the people who come and visit us. The main door should always be located in a visible part of the house, preferably in a more central area.


Most main doors open inward to create the necessary fluidity upon arrival

If the door opens outwards it is removing and absorbing the good energy from your home. Don’t take any risks. When renovating or changing the door, always open it inside.

Route to the main door

The path to the main door should create a feeling of harmony and a willingness to continue and enter.

It is suggested by Feng Shui that this path be curved instead of straight. This is because the curved roads resemble the paths designed by nature, and this will help to lighten our mood because of the connection with nature.

The path must also represent the curves of a river, in order to bring the water element to our home. Water brings prosperity and new opportunities.

Along the way to the house plant some flowers and vegetation. This will give you peace and comfort.

In short: the appearance of the main door and the path that leads to it instantly determines the type of energy you will have at home.

So take advantage of our advice and when decorating and choosing your door choose.

Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!