10 Super Storage Ideas for your Pantries


This has already happened to us: choosing a house for its beautiful architectural features and construction details, but when we inhabit it we realize the gaps they have in terms of tidiness and organization.

This often happens in the bedrooms, with a lack of closets, kitchens, pantries or simply the absence of a place or closet to put shoes, towels or bedding.

What to do to solve this? Next we will give you some interesting tips on how to solve the storage difficulty in your pantry.

10 Tricks to keep your pantry tidy and organized

Putting the text on the door

If your pantry is too small to get everything you need, choose to make the most of the space.


Create a wooden or metal support on the pantry cabinet door and place the lids there. In addition to keeping the space more tidy it will give space in other places to pack other things.

Put the snacks in a box

Instead of simply taking the snaks and placing them anywhere without organization, choose to buy a simple box, with a size and shape suitable for your cupboard, and put all the foods considered snacks there.

In addition to being more practical when looking for storage and hygiene too. A simple solution but it works perfectly. Advice from those who do it at home!

Hanging Kitchen Utensils

If you use the pantry to store kitchen utensils that you rarely use, hanging them can be an excellent idea. Reuse and take advantage of the space by hanging them on the door, for example.

So, every time you need them – even if it doesn’t happen very often, you’ll find them more quickly and organize them in a more organized way. Simple!

Invest in transparent containers

An excellent option for placing uncooked foods or simply those that are already cooked and require freezing or a refrigerator.

Try to store the pasta, rice, coarse salt, sugar or flour in transparent containers. So you don’t need to tag or pick up the wrong container every time you are cooking.

Enjoy the corners of your pantry

Usually, the corners of the pantry end up being misused or not being used at all. Place rotating trays in the corners and corners and use them to store detergents, canned goods and bottles. That way you’ll never forget that jar of pickles that you thought you no longer had.

Cardboard boxes to store canned goods

Cut the conventional cardboard boxes and make them the best way to store the round cans. Take advantage of the labels to categorize each box in order to keep everything even more organized. Very simple but super practical tip!

Narrow containers for more space

Replace the round, wide bottles with taller, narrower containers. It’s a basic trick but when it comes to fixing everything you will see that it will make all the difference

Add Drawers

Shelves that function as drawers can be a perfect solution. Imagine, whenever you need something that is stored at the bottom, just pull the drawer out, excuse to take everything out to get to what you want.

Vertical door for spices

We all have some space in the kitchen that we don’t use. Why not create a sliding door to put spices in that space? Can store spices or other food products.

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