Tips to have the Retro Kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!


The retro or vintage kitchen decor is inspired by the classic times, from the 20s to the 70s. She is charming, nostalgic, cheerful and able to rescue the main design trends.

The spaces decorated according to this style seek the main reference of the old but with rejuvenated style and with the application of strong colors

But before any planning in relation to your kitchen according to this style you must first understand the difference between retro and vintage.


These two terms are used, constantly to speak the trends of the past, whether in fashion or in decoration.

It is necessary to understand that vintage is directly linked to the decades between the 20s and 70s, abusing original period pieces. The retro, in turn, makes a reinterpretation of the past, with current products that adopt an older appearance.

How to decorate a retro or vintage kitchen

Color a lot of Color

The retro kitchen  has an extremely colorful decor. The strong and cheerful colors are highlighted in the layout, such as blue, black, red and yellow.

There are also more delicate compositions, betting on softer tones such as blue or pink. So don’t be afraid to paint walls and furniture. You can and should abuse small colorful kitchen utensils.

The kitchen with retro or vintage style has pots, pans, kettles and other utensils with enamel. Crockery should also be chosen according to this characteristic (lots of color) and no use of glass crockery.

Ceramic parts

The ceramic pieces are successful in vintage decoration, especially when they have delicate prints. Bet on cups, pots, plates and mugs that value this material.

Old furniture

You can’t think of a retro kitchen without including old furniture, such as the cupboard. Choose a piece that rescues the design trends of the past. It can be simply a re-reading (retro) or original furniture (vintage).

To make furniture with more personality invest, paint it colorfully.

The design of the furniture varies according to each season. In the 20/30s, curves, light colors and a touch of romanticism were more valued.

In the 1950s, more was invested in furniture with bright colors, with bold shapes and smooth surfaces. Anyway, when choosing kitchen furniture the most important thing is undoubtedly knowing how to create harmony between the pieces.

Checkered floor

When it comes to retro cuisine, the checkered floor is a true icon. To create this effect, which brings us back to the 1950s, choose colors like black and white. Then, make the coating as if it were a chadrez tray. Simple!

Decorated walls

In the past, people used to decorate the kitchen walls, printing their own personality through comics, beautiful utensils and plants. Everything was exposed, as a way of adding color and value to the space. Do the same and create a nostalgic and cozy vintage kitchen atmosphere.

Decorated tiles

If you remember, the old kitchens used a lot of decorated tiles, with different colors, different types of patterns to make the showy sporty look. A good suggestion is to opt for hydraulic mosaics, which were very successful in the 30s and 40s. These mosaics can be more difficult to find but if using a tile it can also work very well.

Excessive standards

The use of checkered, floral or psychedelic flooring and flooring is the delight of retro and vintage kitchens. Recover this trend, where everything is very colorful and fun!

Home appliances

Retro or vintage appliances, such as the fridge and stove, are easy to recognize. In general, they have curved lines and bright colors. These devices make a real show of style, beauty and attitude.

Many smaller, modern appliances have embarked on the retro-style wave and gained a characteristic design from the 1950s. This is the case with the mixer, blender, coffee maker and toaster.


Coca-Cola has a strong connection with the retro / vintage style, mainly because of its advertising pieces. The comics that show the pin-ups taking the soda can appear in the decoration. The brand also serves as inspiration for furniture and even home appliances. Don’t forget this important tip!

Lara Oliveira

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