Outdoor Weddings: Decoration Tips and Trends…Get inspired!


Has your dream always been to get married outdoors, in a natural setting, in the countryside, on the beach and in a romantic place? So why not make the happiest day of your lives a reality?

Any style, from classic to boho, can adapt perfectly to any of these scenarios, being the decoration that determines the environment.

From the wedding dress to the design of the wedding invitations, there are many details to take into account to achieve a unique and absolutely personalized day.


However, if you get married outdoors, there are some decorative elements that can not be missing. Get inspired by our ladies!

Bet on colors and their diversity

First of all, start by defining the color palette for your big day.

Of course, the colors chosen should always be in accordance with your tastes, personalities and style, highlighting, whenever possible, the strengths of the place.

In these scenarios, the bride and groom usually opt for shades of blue – since they adapt very well to any outdoor environment – but if you want to be audacious, try mixing turquoise with pink or red, blue and yellow – after all, gold on blue is a classic that always looks good – or dare to combine purple with pink or coral with mint green.

The chances are numerous; make several tests and choose your favorite, without forgetting that these colors must also be present in the stationery of the big day, from the original wedding invitations to the menus and thank you cards!

Swings or other creative elements

This decorative element will delight everyone, from the smallest to the largest. Who doesn’t like to swing?

In addition to the fun and well-prepared moments it will provide, it will be an excellent place to take unforgettable photographs, make memorable videos and create special moments.

Provide a side table next to the swing with a polaroid camera so that your guests can take pictures that will also work as wedding gifts.

Make the swing more appealing by decorating it with flowers or ribbons, according to the rest of the environment.

For the most daring, an excellent solution (we saw it at a wedding and we loved it) would be to put a Kombi van (old and with a retro style) as the setting for your wedding.

Have you thought about the surprise of your guests and what can you do with it throughout the wedding?

Taking romantic and fun photos with friends, going for a drink in a more peaceful and relaxed environment, in short a panoply of situations that will delight your guests.

Decorated chairs

As they get married outside, it is quite possible that they can choose special chairs for the ceremony and the wedding reception.

If so, opt for a model that can be easily decorated and let your imagination run wild!

With flower crowns, small bouquets, tulle bows, satin ribbons or even macrame pieces, your chairs will gain immense personality, which will leave guests surprised and delighted.

Do you already know what your favorite proposals are?

If you like a more relaxed and hippie chic atmosphere why not spread beautiful blankets all over the lawn and the guests to sit there.

It is super cute, super original and creates a more informal atmosphere, in addition to being super cute in decorative terms.

For older guests you can place a chair or other spread around the place to give the necessary comfort to those who need it most. Did you like the tip?

Romantic lighting

If your wedding expands into the night, there is a small detail that you must take care of as much as possible: the lighting.

The outdoor settings are wonderful with romantic lighting, so you should study the best options in advance.

Floating candles, light curtains, vintage lanterns, tall and elegant candlesticks … all these options can mark your day, giving you an irresistible touch of mystery!

And don’t forget: make sure the lighting is safe and that there is no danger of fire!

Flower Bows

In the open air there is nothing like flowers. Most of the time they are in their natural environment and even if your wedding is on the beach, the presence of flowers will give your event a romantic and fairytale air.

Imagine the path to the altar made up of flower arches under which you will make your first wedding stroll as married.

Choose seasonal flowers and those that are in the bride’s bouquet. This connection point will give continuity and a more charming and distinctive look to the wedding.

Why not choose one of the types of flowers from the bows and put in the decoration of the original wedding cake they chose? Or strategically place them to decorate the wedding reception tables?

Simple touches of spontaneity that will make a difference.

Message boards

With a good romantic and classic style, they can spread signs indicating the various areas of the place, thus facilitating the circulation of guests around the wedding venue.

Rustic-inspired wooden boards always work well to create a welcoming atmosphere.

They can also choose to write romantic and thank you phrases and distribute them around the party, creating an even more intimate and inspiring atmosphere.

If an outdoor link is really the type of event that delights you, the decoration options are immense. After the party leave and be happy forever!

Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!

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