7 Modern Mid-Century Armchairs Ideal for your Decoration


Are you one of those people who think that old armchairs with a mid-century design don’t look good in their modern and current decor? Disengage yourself!

Modern armchairs from the mid-century, an extraordinary time in terms of design and architecture, can also be used today to create incredible and super-current environments.

This article is for all those who want to get to know a little more about the design of mid-century armchairs and for all fans of this style and everything it has brought in terms of interior design.


If you are starting a project and need ideas … this is also for you! Discover our main references, of these magic armchairs, which will differentiate and complement your space and decoration.

Reeves Chair

This accent chair is a piece of furniture of futuristic style, due to its bold and elegant design. The back and legs simulate an increasing arch.

Its finish is made with loose and individual pillows and upholstered with a sophisticated leather. This armchair can be super elegant in an office, living room, bedroom or waiting room.

Romero Armchair

This lounge chair is breathtaking with its geometric and elegant lines and the comfort it brings to its users. It is inspired by modernism with a body upholstered in velvet. It has a slim leg style and a small foot, providing a certain glamor and an attractive design.

Who wouldn’t want to have this chair in a living room, bedroom or even an office or reading space? We would love!

Bogarde Armchair

This incredible, versatile armchair, full of style and character is perfect for any living room, office or even hotel.

Bogarde is characterized by its leather finish, and its polished brass swivel base that conveys the feeling of style and fun.

Despite having all the elements of the middle of the century, this is a modern armchair that is easily customizable to fit exactly what you need in your home decor. Simply sensational!

Hudson Armchair

The Hudson Arm Chair is probably one of our most classic design pieces that never disappoints with its typical mid-century design and strong lines.

The body structure is produced in solid walnut wood with metal shoes on the legs, made of polished brass. It tends to be sober thanks to its casual design and stands out for its leather upholstery.

The lines of this chair will always be timeless and it will be that piece of furniture that you will never want to get rid of.

Marco ArmChair

An armchair that is part of a beautiful collection that brings a comfortable and elegant shape, prepared to elevate the decoration of any project and space.

Keeping true to the mid-century modern style, the Marco armchair has an unusual round shape with comfortable curved arms.

With a very natural, elegant and comfortable appearance, this armchair conveys contemporary vibes and a lot of charm.

This armchair is one of those pieces that all your guests will be jealous of and will be the piece that will show your good taste and refinement.

Dean Armchair

The Dean Armchair is one of the most classic pieces in this collection and impresses with its incredible look inspired by the middle of the century.

This leather upholstered chair has a slender appearance, with straight and square lines and curved arms.

Its structure is classic, made of lacquered wood and polished brass, which gives it an unmistakable characteristic.

Of our favorites from the entire collection, this armchair adapts well to more classic environments but as refined notes and more modern environments with a lot of character.

Papa Bear Armchair

This armchair will make your living room or office super attractive. It is referred to as an icon of modern Danish furniture, because it was inspired by Hans Wegner’s original design in 1951.

Containing comfortable armrests and cushioning, it will not only provide a feeling of comfort in official spaces, but will also stand out as a decorative piece .

It can be used in any type of color or material – from simple fabrics to leather.

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