Man´s Cave: everything you need to know for a perfect decoration!


Today we talk about Man´s Cave! A space dedicated to the man who loves to have a private place at home to drink a beer, watch a beautiful football game, smoke his cigar, get together with his friends for a game of poker or just listen to music and relax.

The Man’s Cave decoration can provide an excellent environment for leisure activities but it can also act as a refuge for contemporary man.

How to decorate a Man´s Cave

Any free space in your home, without any function or use, can be a space with the potential to set up a men’s retreat.


For this you will have to make options in decorative terms always and according to the wishes and tastes of its owner. Here, creativity and personal tastes have no limits!

Although Man´s Cave is the personal reflection of each Man, one of its main characteristics is to create harmony between the selected themes, so that the space is coherent and combined as a whole.

For this, it is important to create a zone of fluid circulation, to delimit leisure areas and to arrange furniture and decorative pieces in a pleasant way.

What can’t be missing in a Man’s Cave

Some men include a game space (with a snooker or poker table, etc.) in their Man´s Cave with a bar, others choose a Cigar and Whiskey Lounge, others prefer to include a space for wine tasting, others choose the installation of a workshop.

The important thing is that this “Masculine GQ” always includes a mini fridge, a countertop with sink, television (the bigger the better, depending on the space), leather sofas preferably in dark tones and Chesterfield style (and super comfortable), walls and ceilings also in dark tones or exposed brick, bar with drinks, wooden floor or mosaic of male pattern, an animal head in resin or even supports / bases for glasses or cups.

A computer table, a console and internet access can be an added advantage.

A surround sound system for movies, music and sound effects could be the icing on the cake, as it ensures greater privacy compared to the rest of the house.

All of this personalizes your space and provides a unique and intimate atmosphere!

Check out some good examples of Man´s Cave and start thinking about your space!

Man´s Cave with pool table

Man´s Cave with games table

Man’s Cave as a cigar and whiskey lounge

Man´s Cave bar

Man´s Cave with television for the lovers soccer

Man´s Cave with a Mini Fridge and Cigar Humidor

Animal Head in resin for decorating Man’s Cave

Leather sofas are an icon in a Man’s Cave

The floor on the Man´s Cave

Man´s Cave lamps

Man´s Cave toilet

Man´s Cave music space

Lara Oliveira

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