Laundry Tips: How to Decorate in a Practical and Efficient Way!


Decorating small rooms has become a necessity in view of apartment projects with increasingly smaller areas. The laundry room is a compact space, so the ideal is to look for simple and functional space optimization solutions.

Ideally, the laundry should have space for a washing machine, dryer, a sink, space for folding and for storing some cleaning and hygiene clothes and should have a place for ironing.

Far from having a strictly aesthetic weight, Laundry should, above all, be practical and necessary. In most houses, there is no space that can be used solely and exclusively for laundry. In this article we leave you with some important ideas about laundry, decoration and functionality.


Basic tips for decorating a laundry

We have separated some suggestions on how to decorate small laundries without losing aesthetics, functionality and practicality:

Install cabinets at the top of the space. As it is a normally high zone it is not used as much. Therefore, use these cabinets to store appliances and other utensils

Optimize circulation space by placing cabinets, tumble dryers, and washing machines against the wall.If you choose two machines, the best solution is to choose the models that can be supported on each other, occupying less area.

Install a hanger area in the area above the cupboards or below them. These are great places to put ironed clothes.

In the home appliance market there is a wide variety of compact options, so ideally choose small machines. Another recommended idea is to exchange the traditional sink or the laundry tank for a smaller tub, like the bathrooms that are aesthetically much more beautiful.

Laundry models to get inspired

Whoever has a small space to house the laundry should take into account everything that will be inserted in the environment. This article is full of innovative ideas to make the laundry compact with a modern decor.

A small area does not necessarily have to be a dismal space. It all depends on the colors, the layout of the furniture, the artificial lighting and the possibility of opening windows or taking advantage of existing windows.

Bet on a clear chromatic palette, favoring white and neutral sea tones to give the feeling of greater amplitude, lightness and luminosity.

When we think of a laundry, we think of some accessories that can not be missing.

In addition to the washing machine and, if necessary, drying, it is convenient to have laundry and laundry baskets, baskets or boxes to store detergents and, by the way, why not take advantage of the space to have the ironing board, the iron and a surface on which you can fold the larger pieces.

In the laundry room you can and should consider some space for a clothesline, even if small. You can lay out smaller pieces and, if the weather is bad, it is always a comfortable alternative for drying clothes.

For larger laundries you can always add a small tank for hand washing delicate clothes.

As we mentioned, in most houses, there is no area that can be reserved only for laundry. In addition to the kitchen, one of the rooms most used to integrate the laundry, you can also use the pantry for this purpose.

See how you took advantage of this narrow space to include laundry and shelving to serve the pantry.

You have no space elsewhere, and the kitchen is the only solution for integrating your laundry? . Then try to integrate the two spaces so that it is harmonious and organized.

For example, you can place the laundry at one end and the kitchen at the other end.

With small touches of color in the laundry area, it is possible to convert this space into an environment full of life, which includes what is necessary to meet the needs of the residents.

If you are thinking about creating your laundry from scratch, then, and if you have space for it, create an independent laundry area separate from the rest of the kitchen but with some connection or visual contact between the spaces.

Physical barriers do nothing more than reinforce the unique personality of the division intended not only for washing clothes, but also for all the tasks associated with this activity.

Don’t you like to see the appliances on display? Then choose to embed them in the cabinets. This way, the space will be visually cleaner and more pleasant, being even more versatile in this way.

Use the services of a carpenter to make furniture to measure and be sure to plan the electrical installation.

Light is a key component in all projects. We have no doubt that you can determine the value of spaces, for better or worse.

As in any space in the house, if your laundry can receive a good amount of natural light, so much the better, because you can use it to dry clothes.

Lara Oliveira

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