Large or Small Kitchen? What really matters is planning!


When we think of a kitchen we immediately think of the area that stands out the most when it comes to purchasing a house, when we think of a remodel or simply as a meeting point for the whole family. The kitchen has the gift of bringing people together and making them social around a table or a counter.

And to better understand the power that a kitchen has in the design of a home and in the life of a family, we have prepared a series of tips and ideas that you will not want to miss. At all!

Kitchen Styles

From the biggest to the smallest, talking about Kitchen implies understanding that there are several models, sizes, colors, materials that will give this space its own identity and reflect the image and taste of its user.


Large and well planned

Usually when we talk about this type of cuisine we think of kitchens with large areas, well ventilated and wide that stand out immediately for their proportion and size.

These kitchens need careful and rigorous planning, usually with custom-made furniture, as their function is to adequately fill spaces and make them more pleasant and functional.

To better complement this space, we can add an island or a balcony, which in addition to the function for which they are intended, will bring to the remaining space the necessary complement or continuity and an adequate occupation.

Appliances should be used, adjusted to the size of the kitchen and the needs of the family, and lighting should be a fundamental point, as with a larger kitchen, there must be points of light that focus on the areas of greatest use and conviviality.

Small but with a lot of functionality, storage and design

Ho does not love a small kitchen but very well thought, organized and that adapts perfectly to the space where you are.

Contrary to what you can imagine planning a small kitchen, it can be much more complex and difficult than you think.

This is because we have to give the space tidiness, utility, beauty but above all functionality.

I would say that a fundamental tip for the space to appear larger, broader and more organized is to adopt light furniture (whites always work very well) in order to create the necessary fluidity, but above all to give the space the light and harmony that you want.

No big appliances and never forget: Less is More!

Modern, simple and practical

This type of cuisine arouses overwhelming passions among most families due to its rectilinear, minimalist and little ornamented forms.

White, with bright colors or dark tones, this kitchen adapts to any age, taste, decoration or location, as long as you know how to combine the other decorative elements and living spaces.

And to achieve this aesthetic standard, it is necessary to realize that these kitchens, due to their simpler shape, give a practical character to the space and a storage that is considered incredible.

So even when we think of modern kitchens they are usually integrated with other spaces in the house such as the dining room or living room (open space).

Appliances must be simple, high-tech and adapted to the design.

Classic but with a lot of charm and refinement

For those who value refined and elegant cuisine, with luxury features and a classic style, this is the ideal solution.

The furniture in this kitchen is characterized by more decorated and ornate lines, more attractive handles, luxury and high impact appliances that are also accompanied by more traditional and classic lighting.

The British and Americans are fans of this style!


Industrial Style

The industrial style leaves anyone with their mouths open! For people with more alternative and modern tastes, this style reminds us of typical New York lofts!

Here creativity has no limits, from the use of strong colors, more industrial and sheet materials, lamps that look like they came out of a warehouse and wooden or metal benches with a used and rustic air … everything is possible!

Don’t be fooled by this style … there are more and more fans all over the world.

Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!