Kitchen Trends: Colors and Ideas for 2020!


Large or small when decorating, kitchens require some essential tricks for harmony and adaptation to the space.

For that, it is necessary to have a previous planning about the layout, colors, models and style of kitchen for the space to become perfect and one of the focal points of socialization for the whole family.

Next we will give you some suggestions on how to decorate your kitchen mainly in terms of colors and style.


The ideal colors for your kitchen

To lengthen the kitchen

Paint the furniture in a dark tone and the opposite walls as well. So the feeling of depth increases without interfering with its functionality.

Long kitchen

To avoid the feeling of tightness that a corridor provides, try to paint the smaller walls with darker colors than the rest. Thus the kitchen will appear more spacious and will eliminate the feeling of corridor and atrophy.

Little kitchen

Prioritize the light colors on the walls and bet on colorful decorative details. White is perfect, however you can choose an ice gray, ivory or straw color.

Colored wall, joinery or tiles

The tendency is to bet on a composition of colors, creating contrasts and creative combinations. Tiles are a great option in this proposal, especially if they have texture, ornaments and lots of color. Opt for hydraulic mosaics for example on the kitchen floor.

Good Kitchen Examples

White Kitchen

The one that gives us breadth, luminosity and harmony. Ideal for small kitchens but also looks great in large kitchens. We would say that white normally matches any space or decoration.

Blue Kitchen

Opt for a darker blue kitchen if the goal is to create a more intimate, deep and cozy environment. If you want more light and youth, opt for a lighter blue or a turquoise blue.

Green Kitchen

The green decorated kitchen is a sure choice. The lighter tones make the environment more classic, while the intense green makes the environment gain a modern and relaxed touch.

Black Kitchen

Black conveys elegance and values ​​practicality when cleaning. Bet on dark tones like black and combine with gray coatings, or patterned tiles and mosaics. Black is timeless and never goes out of style.

Yellow Kitchen

If you are a fan of happy environments and like to cook, bet on yellow. This color refers to creativity and intelligence and is perfect for stimulating kitchen tasks.

Pink Kitchen

A kitchen decorated in pink tones gives the space a more vintage and retro feel, especially if the tones are lighter and softer.

Gray Kitchen

Fashions fashion nowadays! A kitchen all gray with only white or black accents as industrial lighting fixtures delight the youngest or those who like more alternative spaces. This is that choice you will never regret, for the neutral, cold and timeless tones.

Beige Kitchen

Beige in a kitchen, especially on furniture or walls, gives us the feeling of warmth, harmony and comfort. In addition, and like white, it transmits light and expands the space.

Wood Kitchen

For those who like the classic bet on a wooden kitchen, preferably in light tones for a more modern and youthful air. To break the stiffness of the wood, opt for decorative details such as a slate wall or lighter coatings.

Copper Kitchen

In this solution choose to put accessories in copper tones, such as lamps, or choose to use bronze glass that makes the kitchen finish much more sophisticated.

Golden Kitchen

How about adding a touch of glamor to your kitchen? For this to happen, use golden coatings or decorative elements that combine with a smooth and stylish decoration.

Lara Oliveira

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