The Ideal Kitchen Countertops: 7+ Examples and Features


Do you want to renovate your kitchen and have many details to decide? Next we will give you some essential tips on what type of stone to choose and which one is best suited to your space and your needs.

There are countless stone coating solutions on the market that can result in your kitchen. Everything will depend on the use you give, the maintenance you will require and the price you will want to invest.

The preferred options of interior professionals are natural stones such as marble, granite and quartz and synthetic compounds derived from quartz, feldspar or glass.


The advantages are many and varied to justify the high cost compared to other materials. Durability is one of them. In addition, some stones are easy to maintain, especially for their smooth and compact texture.

However, it is necessary to seek information to choose the best countertop coating.

Below, we list the main characteristics of each of the most used kitchen materials, so that you can choose in an informed and conscious way.

Kitchen Stones and Coatings: Features


Granite is the material most used for its high strength content. “Granites have a very high resistance for daily use, easy to clean and maintain, so much so that they are also super indicated for floors in places with high traffic.

An important tip is to choose the stone directly from a dealer as you will have more reliable information to give about the type of stone to choose.

As the material is natural, there are a number of variations, and within these variations it is possible to choose the one you like best.

Another advantage of granites in relation to other materials, is the cost-benefit: it is the most economical option for the quality it offers.


Marble is the most porous of materials and is the least recommended for the kitchen.

Although it looks more sophisticated than granite, it can easily be stained when it comes into contact with food – believe me: a simple beet can cause real damage. It is indicated only for those who make very little use of space.

Quartz Compound

The Quartz Compound encompasses materials such as Silestone, Quartzstone, Topzstone, Caesarstone which are compounds made of resin and quartz.

Created industrially, they are successful among interior professionals because they are moldable to present several finishing options, but it is necessary to keep in mind the following: these materials cannot withstand such high temperatures.

It is a synthetic material with very low permeability and uniform shade, so it has been well accepted in the market. However, they have resins in their composition and therefore cannot withstand high temperatures.

It should be noted that the price is not that low, however it can compensate in the short to medium term for the little or no maintenance it requires.


Nanoglass is a synthetic material created with resin and glass powder. It is exactly a super resistant material, with high durability and exhibits a shiny surface, which fills anyone’s eyes. Interior professionals love this option.


Corian is a synthetic compound that contains 1/3 of acrylic resin and 2/3 of aluminum hydroxide. It withstands high temperatures and is also a moldable surface, which facilitates finishing and ensures uniformity in the kitchen worktop.

Neolith and Dekton

Both Dekton and Neolith are ultra-compact synthetic surfaces that are created from mineral elements and produced in an industrial way.

They have low porosity and have several finishing options: they can imitate marble, for example. The difference is that there is no resin in the composition, so they are more resistant to temperature than other synthetic materials.

This coating solution usually has a very high cost, which often makes its application difficult.

Other materials

There are those for other types of solutions in terms of coating, such as ceramic tiles. One of the main disadvantages of this material is the fact that it is not as resistant to impacts.

Burnt cement also became an option for many professionals a few years ago and it works quite well.

Other less common materials may appear when designing: there are entire stainless steel countertops and even teak wood paneling, which has good resistance and gives a rustic air to the space

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