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10 Fun Kid’s Bedroom Ideas with Fotos


The rooms are the most personal and intimate spaces in a house, after all they serve as a resting place and function as a haven for their owners.

It is very important that these rooms reflect the habits, tastes and personality of those who inhabit them in their decoration.

Regarding kid’s rooms, the situation is identical. Although the child does not have well-defined preferences, it is essential that the room is comfortable, safe and includes references for his or her tastes, activities or preferences.


There are no fixed rules, but thinking about the feelings the environment will convey is very important.

Nowadays and with the gender issue so present in our society, it no longer makes sense to typify the decoration. So forget the pink in the girls ‘rooms and the blue in the boys’ room. Focus on what is most important to your child’s well-being and happiness.

To achieve this happiness and well-being, focus on the playful and fun part of the room. So explore creativity when decorating! Look for a path where the child can make different discoveries within the room.

Check out different techniques and ideas to decorate your children’s room creatively, using furniture, colors and other elements appropriately.

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The use of wallpaper or children’s paintings in your child’s room will surely win you over. In addition to color and joy, the images that compose it will delight your imagination and will give wings to your creativity. All children love this decorative solution and looks great in both a girl’s and a boy’s room

This is one of those ideas that win over any child: the use of a slate wall where the child can develop his creativity and develop his motor skills through the creation of small paintings and images. And have you thought about another important detail? Your child will stop painting the remaining walls of your home with wonderful drawings.

Decorating a child’s room is not just about adding beautiful, childish accessories and colors. It is important to give the child the fun, the discovery he needs. So, when it comes to decorating the room, don’t forget to install a zone of action, fun and even some adrenaline. But never forget: also think about the safety issue, so choose for example to place sponge mats in case of a fall.

Whatever the child’s age, most love to read and see the appealing images that appear in children’s books. So creating a reading corner in a child’s room is part of the main requirements when decorating. It doesn’t have to be very big, just a small but appealing and beautiful space.

Try to arrange a theme for your son or daughter’s room. Remember what he likes best, an animal, a cartoon or the favorite doll. This can serve as an inspiration for any room decor. This can be a super important tip!

The colorful furniture is one of the first references when we think about decorating a children’s room. Sometimes the highlight of the furniture is enough to give the environment the cuteness and charm you want. If your goal is to create a simpler room with just notes of color, then the use of furniture is the perfect solution. Can follow

Super Important! In addition to the beauty of the room, storage is a golden tip. Any child must have enough shelves, drawers, and storage to store all their toys, books and soft toys. The room will always be more organized and with the cut look you want.

The cushions and soft toys are used to create the most childlike environment and make the space cozy, comfortable and safe. Use and abuse these elements … they can never be too much!
As children grow up they like to bring their friends to sleep at home. So, and thinking about the future, create a room with multiple built-in beds, in order to create storage and space.
Create points of light in the areas most used by your child in your room. The ideas may be many, but the one we show you now is the best. Here’s the tip!
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