Hydraulic Mosaics: the charm and versatility of a floor that has been reinvented!


The Hydraulic Mosaic, which for many years was Démodé, is once again on the rise and with a strong demand from the most varied professionals of design and architecture.

This elegant, charismatic and extraordinarily delicate material, with a unique style, has withstood the passage of time to now shape an infinity of proposals, both classic and contemporary. Geometric shapes or plant combinations are the most evident characteristic of a pigmented cement with adepts all over the world.

Given the panoply of options we have on the market, these mosaics can be covered in a more classic, industrial, urban or retro character.


And you, already know this coating? Do you know how to use it in your decoration? Do you simply not know this noble material? Then keep reading this article and you will see that we will surprise you!

What is hydraulic mosaic?

It is a totally handcrafted coating with different pigments and patterns. Because it’s all handmade, this material has its own identity, since no mosaic is the same as the other. This mosaic differs from the industrial process of mass production and series.

These mosaics, unlike the typical tile (usually glazed), have a very particular characteristic: a matt finish and soft colours and textures.

For their manufacture, the industry uses cement, sand, marble dust and pigments. For the curing process only water is used. There is no firing/burning process as in normal ceramics.

This material has its origin in the Byzantine architecture, which used those wonderful mosaics as wall coverings for the luxurious European palaces.

With an increasing demand, the options of traditional tiles have also grown. The pieces can be found in several colors and with the most varied designs.

Why use hydraulic mosaic in your decoration?

The first reason is related to beauty and aesthetics: it easily becomes the centre of attention, it is an element capable of defining the very style of a place. Therefore, it values decoration.

It is still quite eclectic: its patterns are diverse, with various colors and shapes. So you can use it to give a more modern or vintage look to your home. It will depend on your taste and style.

Its surface is smooth and highly resistant, so it is a great solution for kitchens, bathrooms, backyards or gardens. It resists time, humidity and always maintains its appearance and quality.

How to use the hydraulic mosaic?

Abuse in contrasts

The delicate designs and their colours stand out when they contrast with other materials or decorative elements.

Instead of filling the space with many ornaments choose instead to highlight a wall with hydraulic mosaic, make a wooden frame and fill with this material or place the centralized mosaics on the floor, they drain the impression of carpet. In the corners they can be used to create the footer effect.

Integrate the different colours

Some palettes are especially amazing and can make the space more modern, cozy or classic. The options are endless!

However, it is necessary to use the other decorative elements in colours that gather and unify the space and make it conjugated and harmonious. It is precisely in these moments that the hydraulic mosaic gains life and prominence.

With the numerous existing patterns you will certainly find in some of them the shades and colors of your palette, in order to achieve the decoration and integration you want.

Combine or mix patterns

With the hydraulic mosaic everything is valid. You can choose to combine patterns or simply mix several models. It is a kind of combination with “decombination”.

They can be used in a coordinated way, according to the design of the material, or with different patterns and colors in order to create an interesting carefree.

In this case creativity has no limits, so let’s innovate and do different things!

Featured element in decoration

Nowadays it is very common to use simple furniture, with straight lines and little ornamented. Although they are elegant and practical, they depend on the combination with other elements to make the environment interesting. This is where hydraulic mosaic comes in!

Use it as a whole floor or in a demarcated space. On the wall you can apply it continuously or in small details. It will give the space the desired prominence and emphasis.

Where to use hydraulic mosaic?

Floor and walls

The hydraulic mosaic can be used on the floor or as wall covering.

Its application is immense, however it looks very good as it stands out on the floor of a kitchen or as a cladding in the areas of the stove or stalls.

It is a very resistant and practical material because it is very easy to clean and creates a super elegant, noble and refined environment.

Bathrooms and wet areas

If there is one place where this mosaic is commonly used, it is in the bathrooms.

Perhaps because of the material’s resistance to humidity but mainly because it gives the space the luxury and plasticity it is intended for. It can be used on all walls or only on some or only the floor, with a mixture of patterns or in a more coordinated and standardized way.

What really matters is to create fluidity and that above all it meets the tastes and interests of its users.

In laundries it is also an excellent option, because besides creating a more appealing and elegant space, it is perfectly adapted to the humid areas and resistant to the great use that this space requires.

Lara Oliveira

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