How to Recycle Old Doors in Style? Check our suggestions!


Did you change the doors of the house? Have some old doors and don’t know what to do with them?

Here are some ideas that can adapt perfectly to your home, transforming an old and useless door into something beautiful and very useful! Let your imagination run wild!

Recycling old doors is a different and very creative way to decorate your home, balcony or gardens.


Then, check out the old door ideas that will help you decide how to reuse the old door.

Wooden doors are the perfect workforce for recycling. They can be cut, painted and decorated in different ways.

DIY Ideas for Recycling Doors

You can make an unusual wall decoration for the house or make new furniture for the old door.

There are very practical ideas for reusing the old door. Make an office desk, some new shelves, or practical organizational decor.

You will be surprised at the versatility of some ideas we have chosen for you. Let yourself be inspired!

Ideas for Recycling Doors


Wooden doors transformed into headboards. They have been painted to suit the room’s decorating style.

We can see how it is possible to give a special touch of personality to the room, with just the addition of an interesting door as a decoration piece.

Chair versus Cloakroom

Are you looking for a cloakroom for your entrance that can serve as a bank at the same time? Then use an old door for this purpose. You will see that the result will be incredible!

Indoor or outdoor table

Now that good weather is finally coming, it’s time to make the most of the outdoors, with meals taken at the most beautiful outdoor tables.



Are you looking for a different and original mirror? Why not take an old, unused door in your garage and give it a new life? The old doors look amazing with the mirror function. Try it and you will see that you will not regret it.

Wall decorative element

You can use old doors to decorate walls, giving just a note or even transform it into a piece with some function or used, for example, a cloakroom. You can also cover an entire wall with doors and give the space a more personalized and retro look.

Outdoor swing bed

Do you have a beautiful garden at home and are looking for a different, vintage swing without spending a lot of money?

Then do the following: take an old, useless door and paint it in the color you find most suitable for your garden.

Then buy sturdy rope or metal cables and turn your swing into a beautiful hanging piece in your garden.

To finish and make it more comfortable you can buy some beautiful pillows and line the swing.

Vase holder

Do you like pots and gardening? Then this is the perfect solution for you. Take an old door, put some metal or wooden supports and then hang your favorite vases.

Task Board

Excelent idea! Take your old door, paint it and lean against a wall in your kitchen, bedroom or office and use it as a task board. In addition to decorative it is a super useful piece for our day-to-day.


Shelves with old and used doors can be used in the kitchen, office or in a living or dining room. Super easy to do and super practical. Try it!


Excellent idea for those looking for original decorative solutions. Take your old doors and create the most interesting sofa ever. See how next.


Join three old doors and buy some hinges to join them. In an easy, economical and simple way you will get a screen to place in your home in a place of your choice. Liked?

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