10+ Ideas for a Perfect and Functional Home Office!


It is more and more common for people to change the more executive and business environments to develop their professional activities at home.

Thus, our house needs to adapt to our new professional needs and new times, to become a more flexible space, but without losing its essence and elegance.

Next we will present you some ideas of Home Office, with images, of various sizes and styles of decoration, such as decoration with plants, which bring beyond functionality, beauty in every detail.


Inspiration to Decorate your Home Office

Strong colors

The use of strong colors in an office has the function of making the space more fun and less formal than what we see in a traditional office.

Therefore, if you choose stronger colors, more colorful automatically this Home Office will be accompanied by a more relaxed, creative and motivating environment. Without a doubt, the colors say a lot about a space and here is no exception.

Hippie Chic

Table, chair and white surfaces form a neutral and basic base in this type of home office, but those who bring the touch of coziness are the objects, which have new uses and created a hippie chic atmosphere.

For example, use a geometric rug, which, nailed to the wall, or on a wooden floor, gives color and gains status as a work of art.

Black with Pink

Black and Pink form a perfect and sophisticated combination. Give wings to minimalism with the use of straight and pure lines and the sobriety of one color with the serenity of the other.

To make everything even more interesting, the wall can appear in two colors to give some contrast to the space.

Next to a ladder

This type of Home Office subtly transforms an area of ​​the home.

We all have areas at home, especially at the end of the stairs, which are of no use to them. How about using that space as an office and placing some furniture like a desk and chair?

The stair structure will serve as a partition, without obstructing the reach of natural light and ventilation and without canceling the fluidity of space and view.

Multipurpose Space

The computer is comfortably installed on a table that will function as an office and dining table for guests. At the bottom, you can use a piece of furniture with drawers to store office supplies or home accessories.

In other words, this space will have a dual function: that of an elegant dining room, or in turn, a beautiful Home Office, discreet and concealed.

With nature

An interesting and intelligent way to make a Home Odffice lighter is to put some plants to decorate the space.

We all know that a Home Office is a place where we spend many hours a day, so it is important to give this place greater lightness and tranquility.

To reinforce this lightness, instead of using heavy and striking furniture, one can opt for book shelves or simply to place one or the other plant.


This is the type of Home Office where you can join, for example, dark walls to a monochromatic palette or hang pictures and works of art.

You can paint the space a closed gray, serving as a starting point for choosing all other elements in black, white and gray.

The final touch is on account of two elements: industrial lamps and plants.

With lush wall or panel

In this Home Office solution, we consider it important to choose a calmer and more elegant color palette and custom joinery furniture that will give the environment a sophisticated touch.

What will stand out in this space will be the incorporation of a panel or an exuberant wall. This wall can be covered with wallpaper or simply with frames painted in a different color. If you choose a panel, it can be made of wood with geometric shapes, for example.

In the bedroom

With the lack of space at home, we are often forced to place our office incorporated in other rooms, such as the bedroom. This type of solution, first: it looks good in rooms of some size; second: the Home Office must be installed next to a window full of natural light and ventilation.

In terms of colors, we can use the dark blue that brings the sophistication and comfort necessary for both sleep and work. In turn, and to contrast with the dark blue, one can opt for lighter and lighter curtains and fabrics.


Original or contemporary, Boiseries bring back the aesthetics of a time when the walls were pure works of art.

In the Vintage office solution, Boiseries gain youth by incorporating, in the middle of the details, a palette of candy colors.

Choose to use furniture with Scandinavian design, with simple and straight lines, in order to counter the most classic shapes of the frames.

With panoramic views

Who wouldn’t want to have a Home Office with a panoramic view of the sea, nature, the countryside or a large and beautiful city?

If at home you have an unused space but with a magnificent view, then choose to install your office there. After all, to have an office and make it appealing doesn’t take much!

If the space is pleasant, with plenty of natural light and a view of millions, your creativity will be at its peak and your work will be guaranteed to be much more productive.

Unusual place

Despite the difficulty of combining a work environment with the kitchen, an intellectual activity can gain weight in an environment as cozy and familiar as a kitchen, just as the art of cooking can become more profound with the study of recipes and ingredients.

Therefore, installing a small Home Office next to a kitchen can be an excellent option especially for all those who work or are passionate about food or creating magnificent recipes.

Relaxed atmosphere

Light tones and a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere surround this type of Home Office. The important thing in this space is the use of light colors that create luminosity and give the environment the joy you want.

Furniture should be light, light and relaxed. No dark and solid wood furniture or walls with very strong tones.


Clean environment, furniture with simple and straight lines, neutral and white tones are the basic rules of a Home Office in a minimalist style. Furniture can and should be made of light wood to contrast with the white.

Few objects and a few shelves in light wood or painted white can make all the difference.

Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!