10 Fantastic Entry Hall Storage Ideas


From the kids’ rooms to the kitchen pantry, you can turn every corner of the house into storage. Do not believe? Now look.

The classic “put things on top of my head” when kids ask where to put toys because they no longer have space, it can become literal – but in a more practical way.

Have you ever thought of placing a bookcase, whether they are children’s or not, on the top of a door spine? Or make drawers of stairs?


It may never have occurred to you, but there are those who master the art of storage and develop the most improbable antics, while at the same time giving an aesthetic touch to the house.

The “Bored Panda” website brought them together to show how easy it is to pack all your shoes without having to jump over them in the hallway.

Some options can be done in DIY mode – you just need some skill and patience – but others are easily found on the market. For now, you can start taking ideas.

Entry Hall Storage Ideas

A messy entrance hall is not a pleasant way to enter your home and it is certainly not welcoming to those who visit us.

If you have an entrance to your home, it is important to keep it free from clutter.

Mudroom cabinets

This type of cabinets that are usually found in garages are great solutions to place at the entrance. They are a kind of furniture with various functions: from the chest, to the hangers, passing through a shoe rack or even a place to sit.

This type of closet can also have a kind of cloakroom where you can hang your coats or umbrellas. The ideal furniture for your entry: practical, aesthetically beautiful, and with several functions.

You can choose the more classic and traditional style or a more minimalist or modern style. A common feature in this type of furniture is the fact that it is usually open, so all your articles and shoes are exposed and visible to anyone who enters your home.

Storage benches

Storage benches don’t take up much space, but they do two things: storage and provide a place to sit and put on your shoes. If you have space, definitely invest in a storage bench for your entry.

Hall wardrobe

Putting a wardrobe in a lobby is a little conventional, but it actually works really well. Wardrobes can be bulky, but they offer plenty of storage space, with the added benefit of keeping your things well hidden. No more clutter!

Floating Shelves

Floating or suspended shelves are perfect for the entrance hall mainly because they take up very little space, which is an advantage in spaces that are usually small in size.

A floating shelf can be a great option if it also has hooks in addition to the shelf. Add some family photos or a decorative box to store gloves or other seasonal accessories

The floating shelves are minimalist and still offer storage options, in addition to a decorative function.

Hanger (Hall Tree)

Hangers are a great storage solution for a lobby. Although it doesn’t work as well as a closet, a hanger is a discreet and economical option for storing your coats, bags or other daily accessories.

The following hanger (also known as a hall tree) is a best seller with hundreds of great reviews. With a simple and elegant design it provides great functionality, especially when it comes to finding your coat or your guests’.

Wall Hooks

Hooks are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve the storage capacity of any hall. The variety of hooks available is incredible.

A word of advice: make sure the hooks are strong and are firmly attached to the wall You will be surprised at how many coats you will be able to hang.

Wicker Baskets

Tall, narrow wicker baskets are an elegant way to offer storage in a lobby.

We prefer taller and narrower wicker baskets, so that it occupiesWe prefer taller and narrower wicker baskets, so they take up less space.

Use the wicker basket to put dirty clothes or simply to store scarves or other small items of clothing that you use frequently.

Shoe Storage

Scattered shoes are ugly and create some danger. This is where shoe storage comes in handy. There are many options available.

Two delicate chrome shelves are perfect for stacking the most used shoes. Just be careful not to put too many shoes on and create clutter.

Preferably use furniture with doors to be able to cover all your shoes and give the space the necessary tidiness and storage.

Decorative Chest

Decorative Chest is a very interesting piece to put in a lobby. In addition to beautifying the space, it also serves as storage.

This is the type of furniture that you can easily find in a second-hand store and that at home can perfectly restore it and give it a new life.

Console Table

A console table is more decorative than properly useful when storing accessories, shoes or clothes.

It is useful when you enter the house loaded with bags or suitcases and you can simply place them on this table. In decorative terms try adding a simple bowl to your console to place the keys and you will find that you will find them more easily


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