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No matter the size of your dining room, what really matters is that you can create a space with everything you need to ensure pleasant moments with family and friends.

Decoration tips and suggestions for dining rooms

Items to include in the dining room

When setting up the dining room, many people are in doubt about what to use in this environment. Some items are obvious and indispensable, others can be inserted according to the use and style of each one.


A dining room to be minimally comfortable and fulfill its function, needs to have a table, chairs and a sideboard or buffet. You can also opt for a bar, armchairs and side tables or a glass cabinet.

Give the space functionality

Whether the dining room is large or small, it is necessary to think about the layout of the furniture and, consequently, the functionality of that environment.

The space required for circulation must be at least 90 cm with the chairs occupied. This means that this limit must be respected between the dining table and the wall, or other furniture, so that people can move freely without disturbing each other.

The ideal tables and chairs for dining rooms

The size of the table and the number of chairs are calculated from the space you have available and the level of use. Even if you have space to accommodate a table of eight people, it is important to reflect on whether furniture of this size is really necessary within your lifestyle.

Another very important tip is to attend to the table format. There are rectangular, square and circular models. For a small dining room, rectangular tables are the most recommended, as they take up less space. Round and square tables should be used in larger environments.

The chairs, they don’t necessarily have to be the same as the table. It is possible to use chairs of different sizes, colors and formats, but which preferably have the same style as the table, for example, a rustic table with rustic chairs or a modern table with modern chairs.

For smaller tables, prefer less bulky chairs, without arms and with low backrest. For larger tables, the armchair-style chairs, with arms and high backs, are free.

Good lighting

Lighting is a highlight in the dining room and should be prioritized in the project. In this environment, it is common to use direct lighting on the table with the aid of pendant lamps and chandeliers.

Try to keep the balance between the decoration of the room and the style of the lamp. A modern environment can use chandeliers with bold and differentiated design without fear.

The most classic and sophisticated decorations look great with crystal chandeliers and pendants. Now if your intention is to create a rustic dining room, bet on wicker or wooden lamps, for example.

Include spots for indirect light in the lighting project. They help to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere for a more special dinner. But, remember that to achieve this effect it is important to use yellow lamps.

Choose to use mirrors

Mirrors are great allies of decoration and also help to increase the feeling of space in the environment. In the dining room use it at the table or cover the entire wall to create space.

Should or should not use carpet in the dining room

The use of carpet in the dining room raises controversy. There are those who defend the use and there are those who hate this idea.

The fact is that it can be used and this is directly related to the taste of each one. But there are some rules that need to be followed to ensure the good use of the item and to certify that it will be, in addition to a decorative piece, also functional.

The ideal is that the carpet has a low texture so as not to accumulate dirt and facilitate cleaning. And be careful not to cause accidents with the carpet.

For this, it is recommended to leave a surplus of the carpet after the chairs, as well as all chairs must be on the carpet, even when occupied.

This prevents the furniture from tangling and also prevents the formation of wrinkles on the carpet that can cause falls.

Integration between environments

If you don’t have your own space for the dining room, don’t worry. Nowadays it is very common to integrate environments.

In that case you can set up the dining room integrated with the living room or the kitchen (open sapce) especially if it is American style.

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