Decorating Small Apartment: 10+ Infallible Tips!


Small-sized apartments are increasingly fashionable and the demand for apartments between 30 and 60 m2, especially in large cities, is a constant and good investment today.

A small apartment should be able to allocate the same features as a large house but in different ways and through tricks and tips that will make all the difference.

An infallible tip is to join kitchen and living room in a single space through an open space. Simple trick, very current and that results in perfection in apartments or small houses.


In this article we will share tips to overcome the lack of space challenge and decor pictures to inspire!

Decoration Tips and Tricks

Use mirrors

Using mirrors is a great trick for professionals to give more lightness and smoothness to a reduced space.

The mirrors give the residents and guests a pleasant feeling of breadth and dimension. You can choose a large mirror or small mirrors used together.

Cleanliness is essential, always leave them clean, as it will be a point of reference and attractive of the house. Another tip is to use mirrors on the sides of corridors so they will look bigger.

Bright colors

You don’t need to use just conventional white to create the effect of amplitude and dimension.

Use light colors in the small spaces and you will see them gain dimension, grandeur and breadth.

Secret compartments

Use containers to organize things more conveniently, instead of leaving everything thrown around the house.

There are furniture, such as armchairs, sofas and beds with secret compartments to store objects. But be careful when using large furniture.

Simplify your stuff

Do not keep things you do not use, they take up a lot of space in your apartment, and are useless!

A tip is: if there is something you haven’t used in the last 3 years, it’s useless, make a donation or put it on the internet.


Large, unblocked windows

Have a large window to facilitate air circulation, and do not cover them with metal windows, or similar materials, that block the entry of light and air.

Some wooden or metal windows can block 50% of the air and light, this is a big mistake in small apartments.

If you need to protect the windows of children and animals, use protective fences that have the function of blocking accidents, but do not prevent the entry of light and air.

Few furniture and few objects

Avoid using very large furniture as bookcases, they are horrible for small spaces.

Use a small, low bookcase or a panel and don’t leave too many decorative objects scattered around the house or hanging on the wall.

These objects will give the feeling of lack of tidiness

Compact appliances

Now technology will help you a lot. Always opt for very thin but not too large LCD TVs.

Also use Notebooks and Tablet instead of computer, this will save a lot of space. Use technology to your advantage!

Connecting spaces through glass

In many small apartments the kitchen and living room are joined. In this case and if you want to create a small separation and create some privacy, choose to only climb half the wall, as a type of American kitchen, and close the rest with transparent glass, this will give a feeling of greater space for both the kitchen and the kitchen.

Abuse of modernity

Use modern furniture, modern curtains, everything modern.

Although the old furniture is beautiful, it becomes more difficult (although not impossible) to adapt it to small apartments.

A great strategy is to also use light colored furniture like white or light wood.

Strategic sofas

Use a maximum of a 3 seater sofa, plus an armchair or 2 puffs. Do not use 2 large sofas as your space will be very tight and claustrophobic.

Your sofa and armchairs should allow for smooth circulation.

You can also opt for a sofa bed, if the room is not enough to house all residents of the residence, or if there is no room (common situation in kitchenettes).

Another tip is to choose sofas and chairs with open arms and exposed legs

American kitchen

Option widely used in small apartments manages to enjoy the little space in a genius, practical, and most importantly: beautiful!

As there is no wall dividing the kitchen from the living room (for example), divide the space through a counter or a kitchen island.


No big, ornate carpets. They will take up a lot of space, give you the feeling of confusion and cause difficulty in circulation.

Use bunk beds or bed with drawer in rooms

Bunk beds are great for saving space in small rooms with lots of residents. It is wrong to think that the bunks are just bed on bed.

There are also bunk beds with desks and cupboards below, making storage easier and giving new features and spaces to the room.

Custom-made furniture

Having furniture made to measure for each type is a very smart solution and always works well in small apartments.

For example, having a well-planned wardrobe, which fits exactly in the right space of your room, and a kitchen cabinet that fits in the exact space of your kitchen, will make a big difference in the final result of your home decor.


Lara Oliveira

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