Top Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Duplex Apartment


Duplex apartments, when properly decorated, end up charming, as they imply a different decoration from ordinary apartments.

Because they have more spaces, they also allow greater freedom of creation and decoration, with an optimization of each space.

In the well decorated duplex apartments, the important thing is to know how to take advantage of the best in a decoration and use it to your advantage.


Duplex apartments, mainly due to their larger areas, give the decorator or the owner greater decorative freedom and interesting design options.

The first thing to think about is the distribution of the house itself, how many rooms there are, the spaces you want to create and the changes you need to make.

Duplex apartment decoration: top tips

A good idea is to allocate rooms according to function, so the best way to do this in the decoration of duplex apartments is to focus on social spaces such as kitchen and living rooms on the ground floor and the rooms and spaces for relaxation on the upper floor.

What the duplex apartments promote is a greater ability to create different environments, always with a view to maintaining visual harmony.

The walls and floors may not be the same, but the same style should be followed without creating major contrasts.

When decorating duplex apartments, it is also important to think about the functionality of the furniture on each floor, as you have to remember that you will not go up and down stairs every time you need something.

Analyze what objects you are likely to use in each area and define what you will need to store and have at your fingertips with ease.

What most of the time no one remembers is the type of stairs you have or will have. What is at stake is the fact that they are the connection between the floors we pass every day.

Remember that the important thing is to give preference to comfort and functionality, neglecting aesthetics.

In addition, also take into account that, since they require access to an upper floor, it will be absolutely necessary that there is a large area dedicated only to them.

Many duplex apartments are not structurally built from scratch as such. What is increasingly used is the creation of a mezzanine. In an apartment it is nothing more than an interior elevation.

An original idea of ​​turning a mere apartment into a true duplex, richly decorated. It can even be an excellent creation to take advantage of an elevated attic.

A mezzanine can take on a variety of shapes and shapes, and there is a wide range of possibilities.

You can make all the difference both in aesthetics and functionality, since it comes to make better use of the vertical space, allowing the creation of a new division.

A mezzanine will allow the lower room to be used for meals and the upper area for rest and relaxation.

The apparent structure can be an interesting feature in the aesthetic result. For example, one can take advantage of the apartment’s design and historic structure with exposed and exposed beams to give the environment character and a unique and differentiating environment.

In addition to the color palette, choosing the material palette well makes all the difference. When elaborating the concept of the project, try to clearly work with the colors, objects and furniture chosen.

One of the criteria, undoubtedly, must be that of bringing a wealth of textures through a palette of materials that varies between finishes and colors. Each material offers a different feeling, prevailing comfort and welcome.

Challenging corners can be taken advantage of with good bespoke joinery. Cabinets never hurt. It is always useful to have plenty of space at home to store and organize objects.

In this work, the cabinets took care of even the most difficult corners, taking advantage of the design of the cover to be distributed to measure.

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