Creative Ideas to Decorate the Bathroom: DIY!


More and more people are choosing to decorate their home in a different and original way. Make your home a space that reflects the personality of those who live there.

For a long time the decoration of the bathroom was limited to choosing the colors of the carpets, towels and accessories. But there are plenty of ways to add color and joy to this space.

The bathroom is always a forgotten space, but it can transform in a simple way, giving charm and surprising your guests.


Personalize the bathroom with our Decorating Ideas

You don’t need to make big changes and spend lot of money.

Some ideas presented here are so simple that you will be amazed. Most are projects you can do at home, recycling some materials. A touch of originality that will completely change the space.

Use of Shelves

Shelves are the most used item. Simple to apply and adapted to any space and style, the shelves are perfect for changing a room.

On the shelves you can place various items giving a touch of personality to your bathroom. Check out our gallery for some fantastic ideas for decorating bathroom shelves.

Wooden Stairs

Another very fashionable item that works very well in bathrooms, are wooden bookcases or stairs. The stairs are perfect for hanging towels and other items.

Sea as theme

The sea theme is perfect for decorating bathrooms. A note here and there and the decoration of your bathroom is completely changed.

When you go to the beach, collect shells and use them to decorate your home. The suggestion remains.

Slate and chalk

Why write messages on your cell phone, when you can share notes and drawings on a slate wall like this? A fun idea, especially if there are children at home.

It can also serve to leave friendly reminders like not forgetting to “wash your hands” and “brush your teeth”.


Dramatic Colors

The bathroom offers a unique opportunity to use a color that is not normally used in the rest of the house. You can experiment and see if the result pleases you. We leave you black or dark gray as an example.


Wallpaper is fashionable and perhaps the bathroom is the perfect place to experience this trend. Start by choosing something that makes you feel good and don’t forget to use durable, moisture-resistant wallpaper.


Using different tiles can be a good way to add personality to the bathroom. Why not use hydraulic mosaics that are currently in fashion? This example can serve as an inspiration. It gives you an elegant and cozy look.

Eclectic style

We do not need a large space to dare in decoration. If your house is eclectic and full of color and life, why not use this style in the bathroom? Don’t be afraid to be bold and be different. See our example.

Lara Oliveira

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