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10 of the Best Color Options for Main Bathrooms


Are you in the mood to decorate your bathroom but are out of ideas? Need inspiration and need to know what the best color options are? Click here to find out more about the most suitable colors to use in the main bathroom.

It is very likely that the main bathroom is the private space of your home. Only you normally have access to it. As such, this space is all yours and you can and should decorate it according to your tastes and interests.

You can opt for a bolder and full of personality decoration or for simpler and minimalist solutions that accompany your taste over time.


The bathroom should offer balance and soothing properties, and since it is the last space you go to before you sleep and the first when you wake up.

The color of a bathroom is something that defines the whole space and makes it even more beautiful. If in doubt, do not hesitate to bet on neutral tones, such as white, black, gray, beige or brown.

There are several advantages to this choice: they are not so tired; combine easily with all other colors; they create clean and attractive spaces … If you bet on the lighter neutral tones, these will allow you to brighten up the environment.

Colors to use in the Bathroom

Soft Colors

The soft colors in the bathrooms usually create unity among all the elements, and offer tranquility to this place.

Attention: the best answer for an effective decoration is the style that we can give to our bathroom. So meet your options and tastes and create a stylish bathroom!


White and Minimalist

In white, we find simplicity, harmony, neutrality that we should also find in a bathroom. We present a space capable of making your life simpler and more balanced.

White gives the feeling of light, brightness, spaciousness and cleanliness. This space represents the union of several elements that unify it. With a simple and effective way, this is the type of bathroom that we would like to have one day!

Marble and with Personality

Marble in the bathroom is always an elegant solution. Full of glamor and that brings us to luxury and ostentation. Most of the time, and for economical reasons, marble imitations are the most used and interesting choice.

Especially in a room where this material often assumes the complete coating of the surfaces. Never forget that marble always adds sophistication, it is versatile and adapting to various styles.

Gray and Brown

Much would be said about the gray colors in the bathrooms. However, we leave you a good example of how gray can result mainly in humid environments, combining with metal and chrome pieces and with small notes of wood. Wood combined with gray. It gives you harmony and contrasts it with the coolness of color.

Mixing Colors

A place and a multi-colored bathroom includes not only original furniture, but is able to create an environment that suggests summer, beach houses and warmer climates, through the use of a palette of intense colors.

Of course, this option is not for everyone. However, if you want to innovate and create a space with character, nothing better than color to give the effect you want.

Blue with Mosaics

Blue in bathrooms is that color that never lets us down, especially if it is used in a softer tone and that brings us to the softness and harmony of the sea.

Mosaics are a much more lasting and permanent solution. In turn, the paint will work very well but will require more constant maintenance.

So, and whatever the solution, we guarantee that if you choose to use blue, the space will look beautiful and elegant!

Green to Soften

Green is nature’s favorite color. It is the color we most associate with spring, renewal and new growth. While some more greens are not the ideal choice for a main bathroom the lighter greens offer a bright and refreshing atmosphere.

Cooler tones with softer blue tones, offering a calmer space, reminiscent of undulating waves and green hills

Strong Colors

This is currently a highly sought-after solution! Give the bathroom color, prominence, life and joy. The use of bright colors can be achieved through the application of glazed mosaics or through the painting of the walls.

Seductive or bold, its lines are the mirror of technological and aesthetic advances over the decades.

We live in a contemporary society that demands more quality and luxury, where well-being should take first place in personal options.


Ornate Tiles

The use of ornate tiles in the bathrooms is one of the most used solutions by designers and professionals today. The contrast option but in shades more yours

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