Chesterfield Sofa… The true icon of classic time!


The Chesterfielfd sofa, the icon of icons in the world of interior decoration, represents glamor, an irresistible, incomparable and timeless style.

With a striking and differentiated design, this classic exudes elegance and can be used in different styles of decoration.

It is known that this model was created in England between the years 1837 and 1901 in the reign of Queen Victoria. It is said that the creator of this model was Philip Stanhope, who was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, a city located in England, where the name comes from.


This model pleased so many interior decoration lovers that it continues to be used a lot in this medium even today.

Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis, also helped to make this sofa a model of reference worldwide, as he treated his patients in a Chesterfield armchair.

Chesterfield Characteristics

The truth is that the Chesterfield sofa continues to be a symbol of great sophistication mainly for its detail in capitoné, for its manual finishing that consists of nailing buttons in a deep and safe way along the fabric or skin, which makes the fabric form squares or diamonds that are marked by the buttons.

Capitoné is widely used in sofas, armchairs, cushions and is also very common in headboards.

Its wide, robust arms and rounded shapes make it an elegant, comfortable, classic and extremely attractive and aesthetic piece of furniture.

Its feet are usually rounded in solid mahogany wood and its handmade structure in beech or birch.

The real Chesterfield is usually made of genuine leather, although today it is also opted for other fabric solutions such as imitation leather, velvet or fabrics more resistant to wear and dirt.

How to use the chesterfield sofa in the decoration?

For being a timeless classic model, and with a striking presence it can be used in any decoration or in any room, Chesterfield adapts very well to different environments, from the retro to the most sophisticated! What will define your style will be the colors and your selected fabric.


The rounded arms of this sofa perfectly combined with the retro style.

The ideal for this style is for the chesterfield to be covered in leather or patchwork.

As the sofa itself has very sharp lines, classic and with a lot of personality, it fits perfectly in the older and retro style.

This model is quite ornate, so the rest of the decoration, although vintage, should be more relaxed in order to create a perfect symbiosis.


The most classic Chesterfield Sofa is made of leather, but for a traditional living room, you can use leather or linen / twill, both are striking and leave the environment very refined.

It should be noted that leather makes the space more character, mainly due to its colors, usually darker, and the fabric softens the environment, as it can be used in lighter and more neutral colors. The fabric itself gives an immediate feeling of lightness and comfort.


This sofa is also beautiful in the most traditional style, especially if it is made of leather or leather. The contrast of the fabric with the wooden furniture, causes an incredible and impacting effect on the decoration!

Other curiosities about chesterfield

This sofa is also known for its resistant and durable shapes and the fact that the skin provides beautiful and extremely aesthetic natural wear.

This sofa model is usually used in typical English bars as it refers to a more masculine space like the man´s cave.

Chesterfield is also very well combined with small decorative details such as the frames (Boiserie) that bring us back to a classic environment, very English style.

If you have an authentic Chesterfield you will know the special care you must take with this piece. Always choose products with neutral pH in order to preserve the original characteristics of your sofa.

A tip from those who have Chesterfield skin at home: use a good lady make-up remover all over the sofa and you will see that it looks like new!


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