The Charme of the Capitoné and its application in Headboards! Let yourself be inspired!


The use of headboards helps to make the room even more incredible, in addition to protecting the wall from scratches and the bed against the cold. Today, we are going to talk about the headboards in capitoné.

The headboard or bedhead is characterized by its geometric shapes, which are enveloped by its buttons nailed in the quilted fabric. It is a much more comfortable option than an ordinary wooden headboard, since the fabric brings comfort and softness to the back.

The size of the capitoné headboards can vary widely. There are more traditional headboards behind the bed, those that are more horizontal in character and occupy a strip along the entire wall, and those that, due to their size and grandeur, can go up to the ceiling.


The important thing is to keep the decoration in harmony and balance and preferably to incorporate other materials, coverings and even decorative elements that match the capitoné headboard.

Capitoné headboards and their applications

Box bed

The box bed has become common among those who want to replace the traditional bed. As this bed model does not have a headboard, an interesting idea is to make an upholstered headboard that follows the height of the bed and extends over the ends of the wall.

The headboard model of the box bed can be found in various materials such as velvet and suede, which give a lot of elegance to the room, or in fur / leather which, in addition to being sophisticated, has the advantage of being easier to clean.

Double bedroom

With a classic finish, with Victorian style, the double headboard in capitoné is perfect to bring more delicacy, sophistication and romanticism to the room.. You can use it in double box bed, a single bed or even a Japanese bed.

As it is a double room it is important that it reflects the personality of each element. So, opt for a tufted headboard with more neutral colors that match both tastes.

Currently you can find capitoné headboards for double beds in different colors and sizes. If the goal is for the room to have a more romantic atmosphere, choose a capitoné headboard with shades of pink or red.

If you want the room to be more modern, choose bolder and bolder colors.

Single room

The tufted headboard not only brings beauty and sophistication to the decor, it also provides comfort, especially for those who have the habit of reading in bed.

So, as in the double bedroom, the capitoné headboard for single rooms needs to be in harmony with the rest of the decor and it is important that it reflects the personality of the one who will use it.

A super interesting idea for a shared single room (with two beds) is to use a headboard that extends through the two beds, and although they are separated from each other, when looking, it will give the feeling of continuity and harmony to the room.

As the tufted headboard is a timeless element, it is perfect for a single room that is expected to be intended for a child or young person who is going to go through a process of growth and changing tastes.

In this sense, when using this type of headboard, it is almost guaranteed that the style will last over time and is suitable for any age or taste.

A capitoné headboard, although it immediately reminds us of sophistication, it combines perfectly with a more modern and contemporary style and decor. So choose furniture with simpler, straight lines and vibrant colors.

10 Headboard models in Capitoné that will inspire you

Combination of rates and capitoné

Headboard with frame

Recessed in the wall

Vertical and classic headboard

Adapted to a more modern style

Colorful headboard

Cap and velvet

White and minimalist

Male headboard

Retro headboard


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