Boiserie! The wall frames that add style and class to your space!


First of all let’s try to understand what boiseries are?
Boiseries are wall frames that began to be used in French palaces in the early 18th century. Today they are associated with the refinement and class of a space.

These pieces can be made in different materials, such as plaster, wood, metal or even plastic and have excellent quality / price. Contrary to what one might think, these frames are not only used in classic styles, they are also used in more modern styles. What distinguishes them is the style of the frame.

Whatever the choice, boiseries will add a touch of refinement and sophistication to the environments. However, some details need to be well evaluated to ensure the expected effect. So be aware of the tips and strategies that we will give you before applying the technique in your home.


How to use the Boiserie in your decoration?

Apply acrylic paint over the boiseries made of materials such as plaster and styrofoam, so that they are more resistant and durable.

Do not confuse boiseries with horizontal frames or wainscoting, they are different things.

Consider the right foot of the house. If your house has a low ceiling, consider replacing the boiseries. This technique works best in houses or spaces with a higher ceiling height. Always use them up to 85 centimeters from the floor.

Combine the frames with more informal and relaxed decorative pieces, such as paintings, posters or indirect lighting on the walls or ceilings.

Combine the classic style of boiseries with more contemporary decorative elements. Use modern furniture, printed fabrics or irreverent lighting.

Use contrast between the wall and the frame. Or if you prefer, paint everything the same color. It always depends on the effect you want to give to the space or the house.

Do not abuse the frames. Use only on a wall. Coating the entire space with boiseries can give the feeling of excess decoration.

The big secret of boiseries lies in the harmonious distribution of the frames. Therefore measures and standardization are essential

If the goal is for the space to be contemporary, use bold and bright colors. If you prefer to keep the classic character use and abuse lighter and more neutral colors.

Avoid overeating, opt for straighter and softer frames in order to give nobility to the space, but not too much.

You can use frames anywhere in the house. There are no limits … the secret is that you like it!

Ceiling moldings

Frames for many years have been used as finishing techniques between ceilings and walls and between walls and floors. They functioned solely and exclusively as baseboards and not so much as decorative frames or with frame effect.

Currently, frames have taken on a much more predominant and aesthetic role when they are often used on ceilings as a depth effect, crate style, or merely as decorative elements with rounded, square or rectangular details.

A lot of interesting things can be done with roof-level boiseries.

Picture frames on the walls

The moldings on the walls are increasingly prominent in contemporary and modern houses and in classic tastes that see this type of option as the continuation of a tradition from which they do not want to leave.

The boiseries on the walls say a lot about the tastes of their owners or the professionals who design the space.

They reflect good taste, character, personality and willingness to take chances. In addition to being able to combine with any type of decoration, they are very versatile as decorative elements, as they work as an isolated component or as a way of integrating other decorative pieces.

Can you imagine an entire wall with frames and inside a frame with a vintage image ?! Say it didn’t look fantastic!

The frames can also take different shapes: round, square or rectangular. It will depend a lot on the taste of each one, but also on the style that is intended to give to the house or dwelling.

The possibilities are diverse. Let your imagination flow and get to work! If necessary, seek a good professional who will advise and assist you in planning and construction.

Lara Oliveira

We are a graduated team in Architecture and Interior Design with experience in the development and monitoring of Architecture and Decoration projects, rehabilitation, remodeling, material counseling, choice of decorative pieces and others. We are passionate about aesthetics and refined and elegant environments, with a lot of character and personality!