Barbecue as Leisure Area: Important Decoration Tips!


The barbecue is one of the indispensable places in a house, especially for those who like to receive and gather friends and family.

Although barbecue grills are usually found outside the house, they can also be seen inside.

If your barbecue is outdoors, the ideal is to have a cover to avoid direct natural lighting, so invest in awnings or metal coverings.


Most important features of barbecue grills

There is no correct or defined style in the decoration of a leisure area with a barbecue. To make it easier to visualize, we have separated projects with different styles for reference.

Installation Location

The first step is to choose where it will be installed. Look for a place that is close to a sink and an easily accessible counter for handling food and cleaning utensils.

A very important issue regarding ventilation: the barbecue must be placed in a reserved place because of the wind and rain.

Wall Covering

On the walls, the interesting thing is to cover them with tiles, tiles, cement, stainless steel or a painting with vibrant colors.

If the environment is small, it is best to choose lighter colors, as the visual sensation is that the environment is larger.

Never forget that the coating is very important: as it is a place that absorbs a lot of dirt and grease, always opt for an easy cleaning material.

Space Organization

Avoid leaving tables and chairs scattered around the space, so as not to hinder people’s circulation.

In terms of outdoor furniture, choose models with easy storage, and choose materials adapted to the different stages of the year: resistant to cold and heat.

Use and abuse of comfort and for that you can use comfortable chairs or even sunbeds. Plants and flowers can also be a bet in terms of decoration, as they leave the environment with a fresher and more natural air.


Decorative objects such as paintings are also great decoration options for the barbecue area. Shelves and cabinets are very useful, keeping your space even more organized and suitable for receiving visitors.


If the only area available for the creation of the barbecue is covered, you can cover it with exposed brick, and you can choose to place a stove and a refrigerator to make it look like an integrated and modern kitchen.

To share the ambience, use a high counter with a wood, marble or glass top with tall stools to leave it with a bar atmosphere.

Barbecue Type


Of the various options and models of barbecues we have the classic barbecue, made with bricks, which requires the use of charcoal and the implementation of a chimney to dissipate the smoke it produces.

Electric or Gas

And we have more modern solutions, such as electric or gas barbecue, which can be built-in or portable.


Another model that has won many fans over the years is the small, practical and portable covered barbecue. In addition to the typical barbecue, this barbecue allows the realization of other culinary dishes such as a beautiful meat or fish roast.

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