15 Simple Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger


Anyone who lives in an apartment or small house knows that the kitchen is one of the environments that suffers most from the lack of space.

The good news is that with a few simple tricks it is possible to end the feeling of tightness and gain a wider and more comfortable space. See how.

Tips and Tricks to enlarge your kitchen

A large number of upper cabinets can make the kitchen look smaller. To bring more lightness, try to replace them with open shelves.


In addition to “opening” the space, you will also have the opportunity to show your favorite dishes.

Replace the wooden doors of the cabinets with translucent glass doors, which make the back walls of the furniture visible, increasing the horizontal view and making the environment appear larger.

Prefer lower furniture. Lower chairs, tables, benches and other furniture and appliances leave a larger portion of the wall in view and decrease the visual “volume”.

If the kitchen is very small, it is worth betting on furniture with simpler design, which does not run the risk of polluting or weighing the look.

To bring that much desired feeling of spaciousness, a tip is to position the tiles vertically instead of horizontally. The simple gesture directs the look upwards, making the right foot look bigger than it really is.

A quick and inexpensive way to make the kitchen look longer is to place a treadmill. Occasionally, change the model to give the space a new look with little effort.

Don’t have room for a table and chairs? Choose a bench bench against a wall or a corner bench. This allows for better traffic flow and avoids excess space.

Invest in furniture, appliances, accessories or even subtly shiny coatings. They help the kitchen look bigger because of the reflection they project in contact with the light.

Invest in lighting. A lighter and brighter environment gives the feeling of greater amplitude to the environment, in addition to making it more pleasant to look at.

If you live in a studio and do not have much space, a tip is to integrate the spaces even more by adding the TV for example in the kitchen.

A stand placed high on top of your pots and utensils can be a good idea, so you don’t need large cupboards that “close” the room.

Opt for lighter and more neutral colors, such as white, to add breadth to your kitchen. The light colors give brightness and life to the space and consequently the feeling of a greater domination.

These colors can be used in kitchen furniture, walls and decorative accessories.

Another important tip, and if the layout of the space allows, eliminate walls that separate the kitchen from social spaces. The open space style will give your kitchen breadth as well as greater fluidity to spaces.

Have you ever thought about a sink that you can easily cover when you are not using it, in order to maximize the potential of your countertops?

This is a smart and practical solution, any professional can make a custom-made cover at great cost. So when you are not washing the dishes you can slide them and use the space as an additional surface.

The smaller the space, the more necessary the presence of multifunctional furniture. In this example, the countertop is also used as a small table for quick meals. The more practical, the better!

Lara Oliveira

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